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Preventive Dentistry & Sealants in Edmonton

Preventive Dentistry is about education and non-invasive measures to reduce the chance of cavities and diseases to other structures of the mouth. One non-invasive measure to protect new adult teeth in children is to place sealants over the grooves. The sealants do not require any freezing or drilling of the tooth structure. The sealant itself is a thick liquid type material that flows into the grooves of the teeth and is then hardened by high intensity light.

The sealant blocks out the very fine grooves and pits found on all of the back teeth, which greatly reduces the chance of cavities. The best time to place sealants is when new adult teeth come into the child's mouth. Sealants can last indefinitely but occasionally do need touch-ups or repairs which are easily identified at check-ups.

Preventative Dentistry GD

Another simple and effective approach to minimizing the chance of cavities is to properly monitor fluoride exposure. This applies to children and adults through life.  In the case of children, a small amount of fluoride exposure during tooth development allows fluoride to be incorporated along with calcium into the structure of their teeth. This produces a structure that is more acid resistant which is key to lowering the risk of cavities. Even if cavity causing bacteria produce an area of acid injury on the tooth, the damaged area releases a small amount of fluoride that was trapped in its structure, which stops the bacteria from consuming sugar and releasing further acid.

In the case of adults, regular use of fluoridated toothpaste and the use of a Fluoride Varnish at the time of dental cleanings helps to saturate surface enamel and any existing weak spots. Alternatives to fluoride also exist such as highly concentrated mineral paste which can be left on the teeth during sleep and a sugar substitute known as Xylitol which stop cavity causing bacteria from releasing further acids.

If you're looking to maintain your teeth in their current healthy state or need help getting back on the right track, give Dr. Schmidt a call and visit Groove Dental in Edmonton. We can help you evaluate the options that are right for you.

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