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Complimentary Consultation & Office Visit For Children Under 3!

Family Dentist in Edmonton

We believe dental care should be a pleasant experience for the whole family. Groove Dental is a friendly family dental clinic in Edmonton offering our patients a full range of oral health care. Our friendly team works hard to provide dental care in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

For those who experience some anxiety about visiting the dentist or certain dental procedures, we offer flexible treatment options to accommodate those needs. Call or visit us today to explore how Groove Dental can help the entire family achieve their best oral health.

Family Dentist GDC

No matter the age or stage of life, dental care remains important. Caring for our teeth and gums begins at birth and, for many people, evolves into correction, maintenance, and restoration. As we grow, mature, and age, our dental care needs will change with our bodies and Groove Dental has a full range of treatment options to meet those needs.


Your family’s visit to the dentist should be as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. From your child’s first visit, to regular dental cleanings and check ups, we want to make every visit a pleasant experience. Children who have positive experiences with dental care at an early age are more likely to continue excellent dental care and maintenance into adulthood. All dental services provided by a general dentist.


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