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Invisalign® in Edmonton

Helping patients achieve a healthy smile is what’s important to us at Groove Dental. If you want your pearly whites to shine and perform to their full potential, orthodontics may be the next step. Straight teeth not only look better, but they allow for easier cleaning which can prevent tooth decay, and, an aligned bite and teeth facilitate more efficient chewing and nutrient absorption which can lead a healthier body overall!

Invisalign® may be the perfect option for getting straight teeth without the look of metal on your smile. Have our dental professionals at Groove Dental evaluate your bite and teeth to determine if you are a candidate for Invisalign® clear orthodontics.


Invisalign® offers an almost invisible way to straighten your teeth without metal, using a series of clear custom-made aligners over a period of time. This popular straightening method is comfortable, convenient, and invisible throughout the entire process. The clear aligners are worn day and night and are removable to facilitate eating, drinking, brushing and flossing.


The Invisalign® process involves a replaceable series of customized aligners made with smooth clear plastic. Total treatment time will vary by individual, depending on the number of hours the trays are worn each day and the level of adjustment desired. Invisalign® aligners offer some “clear” benefits, they include:

  • Clear, barely visible plastic aligners
  • Aligners are easily removed for eating, oral hygiene, sports
  • Smooth, no sharp metal or wires to contend with during treatment

The aligners are changed frequently, about every two weeks, to enable them to apply just the right pressure in the right place to gently shift your teeth towards a straighter smile. During the treatment planning process, we will map out a custom plan and treatment schedule to best match your outcome expectations with the level of adjustment required. Each clear aligner is custom fitted to your teeth and can simultaneously shift one or several teeth horizontally or vertically, and even rotate a tooth, into proper place.


Misalignment problems can lead to a variety of dental issues if left untreated. Some misalignment issues can be treated with Invisalign® clear aligners, correcting and, in many cases, preventing complications from the following issues:

  • Over bite - upper teeth protruding over lower teeth
  • Under bite - lower teeth protruding beyond upper teeth
  • Open bite – upper and lower teeth do not make contact
  • Cross bite – misaligned jaw results in upper and lower teeth not meeting correctly
  • Crowded teeth - too little room around the jaw to fit all the teeth
  • Instability – gaps left by missing or poorly aligned teeth allow neighboring teeth to shift

Continue to enjoy the foods you love without the hassle of cleaning around the bands and wires of traditional braces; simply remove your Invisalign® aligners and bon appétit! For those active in sports and physical activities where traditional braces may be at risk of damage, worry no more. Invisalign® aligners can be removed and stored in a protective case during play. Adjustments are as simple as replacing your current aligner trays with the next set in your series. Fewer trips to the dentist means more time doing the things you love, like eating and playing!


Using 3D imaging technology, we create a digital map of your mouth and bite and build a custom treatment plan around your map. Once your aligners are ready, we will ensure a comfortable fit and send you home with a series of aligners and comprehensive instructions and guidelines to use until your next visit. Each set of aligners are worn for approximately two weeks and then replaced with the next set in the series. Visits to the dentist during Invisalign® treatment are typically less frequent than with other orthodontic treatment options. When you do see us, the dentist will examine progress, make any adjustments necessary and provide you with your next series of aligners. All dental services provided by a general dentist.


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