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Early Interceptive Orthodontics in Edmonton

While children and adults share many similarities dentally, children face a different set of circumstances during their dental growth and development. Early Interceptive Orthodontics serves to recognize problems early in a child's dental growth and development; problems that can arise due to the teeth themselves, the larger structures of the jaw, or even bad habits.

Early Orthodontics GD

Common problems with jaw growth can include over-bite or under-bite but may also include uneven growth of the jaw bones, all of which can lead to facial asymmetry. Early recognition and management of any oral health problem is critical to achieve the best outcome. If left undetected as the child continues to grow, these problems are usually harder to correct and may require a surgical approach in later years. Problems with teeth can simply be that they are in the wrong place, at the wrong angle, too large for a small mouth, or be developmentally missing altogether. These issues can often be seen on x-rays and/or during an oral exam.

Significant problems typically arise when baby teeth are lost prematurely (or delayed) due to injury, cavities, or developmental conditions. In cases like this, if a baby tooth is no longer present in the mouth it often leads to the neighboring teeth drifting into those spaces. This shifting of teeth can prevent growth of the adult tooth in its proper position, leading to crowding or blocking the adult tooth from growing altogether. In some cases, the problem isn't caused by the teeth or the jaws themselves, instead being caused by bad habits the child may have developed. Bad habits can include thumb-sucking, tongue and lip biting, or poor postural habits. In young children these habits can have a significant impact on their "soft" developing jaw bones, enough to deform them.

At Groove Dental, we believe early recognition and planning is key to preventing small problems from snowballing into potentially expensive and time-consuming treatments later on. All dental services provided by a general dentist.


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